Army Training Birthday Party

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Attention all boy moms! If you haven't already hosted an army themed birthday party, here's a look at Eli's birthday from this past year. This party was decorated so well, and the kids had an absolute blast! Scroll down to see some fantastic decorating ideas and fun games to keep your party goers occupied and happy.

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Army Training Birthday Party Invitation


Balloon arches and/or garlands are very popular right now and pretty easy to do yourself. All you need is a little time and patience (and maybe a YouTube video for helpful instructions)! If you choose to do a balloon arch, be sure to vary the size of your balloons and stick to colors that match your theme. This setup is so simple yet so perfect! They really picked some of the coolest themed knick-knacks including army men, a helicopter toy, polaroid photos of the birthday boy in a camo outfit, and themed treats for their guests. Also, check out that pallet as a way to hold the banner!

Army Training Birthday Party Decorations
Army Training Birthday Party Decorations 2

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Sign Up Table

One thing I absolutely love about this party is the sign-up table for the kids. They were able to select their personalized dog tag, choose a fake tattoo, grab a colored bandana for party game teams, and sign their name on a training roster. 

Army Training Birthday Party Sign Up Table

Army Training Birthday Party Snacks and Sign

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Food and Cake

Platoon punch and ration wraps were just a few of the fun snack and drink options they had at the party. And check out that cool birthday cake! I'd say this training day was a success.

Army Training Birthday Party Food and Labels

Army Training Birthday Party Cake


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