Lego Master Builder Birthday Party

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Our family LOVES playing with Legos, and I know there are many other families like ours out there. This year my youngest son decided he wanted a Lego themed birthday party, and it turned out so cute. Take a look at the simple ideas I used to make this master builder birthday party a hit!

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Watercolor building blocks birthday party invitation

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One of the many reasons we love our neighborhood is because of the great resident amenities and playgrounds. We're able to rent rooms near one of our neighborhood playgrounds and it honestly makes hosting a birthday party so easy! We kept the decorations simple which helped with clean up and let's be honest, the kids were more concerned with playing outside.

For our food table, I found cute Lego popcorn boxes, used Lego molds to make chocolate candies, and used large Legos for napkin and utensil holders. For the kids table, I used Lego base plates as a table runner, and used large red plates with small blue plates stacked on top. Since we had our party in the middle of the afternoon we stuck to easy snacks. The neighborhood ice cream truck also drove by the park during our party, so all the kiddos got an ice cream cone! It was a special treat that they were so excited about.

Lego Master Builder Birthday Party Food Table Decorations

Lego Master Builder Birthday Party Decorations

Lego Master Builder Birthday Party Food Table

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There are a few options when it comes to planning games and activities for a Lego birthday party, such as "guess how many Legos", a Lego tower building contest, or a Lego spoon race. Since we knew the kids would be happy playing on the playground, we only planned one game - pin the head on the Lego man. We had kids with ages ranging from 2 to 12 and they all enjoyed playing this game. For the child who got their head the closest, we gave them a small prize to open (a small Lego kit).

Lego Master Builder Birthday Party Pin the Head on the Lego Man

Lego Master Builder Birthday Party Decorations and Activites

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