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It's the month of love y'all and I am all for it. Not just because Valentines Day is my birthday, but because the treats are extra yummy, and you get to see hearts everywhere! Plus, the colors that go with this holiday are some of my favorites. So, when I decided to throw a Valentine party for my daughter and a few friends I knew I wanted it to be sweet, girly, and full of color! You can also use these adorable decorations for a birthday party which is why I am linking my Conversation heart birthday invitation. Keep scrolling to see just how easy it was to decorate for this party and how much fun the girls had doing the activities!

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Conversation Heart Birthday Party Invitation


This simple set up is easy and quick but still adorable! For the backdrop, I used heart shaped mylar balloons in bright colors (to match the conversation heart colors). They come with a small straw to inflate but you can also use a regular size straw (carefully!) to inflate quicker. I only used 6 balloons for my backdrop but if you have a lower table, you could make several rows and it would look great! You can also use them on a seperate wall as a photo backdrop. The little heart boxes are papier mâché boxes from Hobby Lobby and they come in a pack of 6. I just painted mine with matching colors, but you could also add text to make them look more like conversation hearts. From there you can focus on your Valentines Day themed food items! Pinterest is great for getting ideas on how to build a charcuterie board. 


Conversation Heart Cake and Food Table
Conversation Heart Party Decorations and Food Table

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I chose to stick to 2 activities and then let the girls play afterwards and it was perfect! Our first activity was cookie decorating. You can either purchase premade heart shaped cookies or you can make your own. I personally like to get the Pillsbury sugar cookie dough in the refrigerator section and then add flour to it. The packaging tells you how much and they turn out delicious. I used cupcake liners to divide up the icing and used mini liners for the sprinkles which were just the right amount.

Conversation Heart Party Activity Cookie Decorating
Conversation Heart Party Activity Cookie Decorating
Cookie Decorating Activity for Conversation Heart Party


The second activity was DIY yarn hearts! I found clipart for a heart shape I liked online and used it as a template to cut out a cardboard heart for each girl. Before the party I wrapped one myself and then used that yarn to measure the rest for the girls. One thing of yarn from Hobby Lobby split perfectly for 5 hearts this size (about 5x7).

To make the hearts have the girls hold the beginning of the yarn against the cardboard while starting to wrap it around the heart. Once they've wrapped it a few times, over where they first started, they should be able to let go and continue wrapping the heart until it's completely covered! Tip: be sure they keep it snug against the heart or the yarn will start to slide off. 

Conversation Heart Party Yarn Hearts Activity
Conversation Heart Party Yarn Hearts Activity
Conversation Heart Party Yarn Hearts Activity Cute


If you don't want to get stuck with a lot of leftover sweets, grab some treat boxes and let the girls pick out their favorites to take home. Just be sure to plan some time for them to run around and burn off all the energy they just got from eating said sweets!

Conversation Heart Birthday or Valentine Party
Conversation Heart Party with Yarn Hearts
If you have a specific party you'd like to see inspiration for, shoot me a message!

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  • I love how simple it would be to set up a party like this. And it still looks cute!

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