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Imagine your kids opening the door to find a Halloween basket or bag full of fun treats for them. My my kids, this results in screaming, laughter, and so. much. excitement! I can barely get the thing inside before they tear into it.

Boo Baskets

Does your community “BOO” each other? Not sure what all this "You've been BOOed" stuff is all about? If you’re not familiar with this fun Halloween tradition, now is the time! And if you’re already all caught up on BOOing, check out this cute You've Been BOOed Printable to help you kick off the fun.

This fall time tradition is a fun way to create excitement about Halloween and the neighborhood kids LOVE sneaking around leaving Halloween surprises on the each other’s porches.

You've Been BOOed Printable
So here’s how it works... download our printable shown above and print 2 copies. Next you want to go to the store and get a small Halloween bag or trick or treating basket along with some goodies to put in them. My favorite spots to hit up are the dollar section in Target and the Halloween candy aisle of any grocery store. Be as creative as you like and even include the kids on the shopping (extra points if you grab something small for the parents)! Some of my neighbors love to include beer or wine in their boo baskets. Big or small... it doesn’t matter. It’s really about spreading a little Halloween fun with the kids!
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